Empowered by the Waterhole Rituals

Back at the desk again after our 10-day WRIC and In the Box Program’s First Annual Beyond the Waterhole Rituals™ clinic with nine students. It was an amazing journey! The group was focused, understanding, nurturing, happy, supportive and very willing. I am sure you who were in the clinic are safely back home. I am still resting up. Thank you for bringing your smiling faces and opens hearts. Over the 10 days, we learned more about who we are, and how we as individuals want to go about approaching our horses, each other, and our lives ahead.

The art of horsemanship starts every day rather than being found at the end of the journey. My Method is so different that it takes some time to catch on in how to train a horse without tack and only in the moments of connection without repromand. Everyone in the class was really comfortable with my method. I was very impressed.

Liberty Training, a word I coined, is a training method that begins at liberty rather than a method of training that ends at liberty. It starts with the first breath, and at the moment you and your horse are in the same state of awareness in harmony. Then it is our job to encourage the dance. It takes a spiritual understanding to develop a partnership with a horse at liberty. It takes consistently focusing on keeping the magnetic connection alive between you and your horse. This is done by managing the relationship and keeping the training in place; as well as advancing training while balancing the energy of the horse so when you want high energy you know how to create it -and how to create low energy when you need it. Balancing the energy of a horse keeps the horse young and motivated.

The students of the first annual Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic understood these principles to their bones. They also knew that trial and error leads the way in how to increase their ability to connect with their horses and what it takes for their horses to want to dance with them. From this clinic, I learned the value of the Insider Circle Program to people all around the world and how much I love to teach. It keeps me young. You were all very tolerant of my style of teaching and seemed to really enjoy it. I am also forever growing my communication skills with my students. I want everyone to know that I enjoy teaching people as much as I enjoy the company of horses. I hope I was as much the teacher that you were looking for- as you were being a perfect class for me.

With my guidance, I believe that I empowered the class to see the talent they had overlooked in themselves, and to build a foundation in how to use the Waterhole Rituals in a way that brings the spirit up and the cooperation out in a horse. I focused on each individual and worked with them at where they were in their own development.

I focused on getting the class to analyze the horses we worked with each day in how they were feeling, where their focus was, and what stings of connection needed to be strengthened.

It amazes me how well people in my class read the horses. Reading horses in a group is really so relaxing, educational and humorous at times. Taking time out to analyze how a horse feels about you puts forth a plan that is on the right track to deepen the connection for the day. What I think is so special about my clinic is that you get to ask questions at any time, and that you get to experience different horses ranging from shy to aggressive horses. The class also learned that a single horse is capable of switching his behavior to being shy one moment and dominant the next, and that your interplay can balance the horse to find a middle ground. This creates a magnetic connection in trust and drives the dance you are wanting to achieve.

Each morning, we started the classroom working on the finer points of the Heart Strings of Connection, the Uberstriechen Exercises, and Single-lining. In the afternoon, we danced with horses to music.

I would like everyone who was in my class, if they would like, to share with my readers their personal account of what they found to be beneficial in being able to work with me directly and maybe something of interest like your poems.

I hope you are all doing well, staying warm and enjoying your horses. As always, please share any and all new horse and human sightings!