Don’t Throw Stones Throw a Party!

I see us as herd members wanting to achieve a better way to be with horses. There is a saying “People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones,” but I feel it would be better to say, “ do not throw stones.” There is a pathway to transform & evolve the humane treatment of animals and others. It is a path that does not need to use hurtful finger pointing at individuals that are being abusive to horses from our personal perspective. Personal perspective is always changing. People are really doing the best they can in the situation they are in, even when it looks to us like it could be done better. The way to help them is to build community with them like we are doing with our horses.

There is a way to create empathy in others. All we need to do is become the change we want to see and it really is enough. I believe it is the most inviting way to evolve the communities we live in. We could start by using flexible rules to follow for our own behavior and standards to protect others from our abuse of righteous acts and to bring alignment for the greater good. Rather than focusing on the problem, we could place our attention on resolution and solution.

If we are going to look outside ourselves for ways of change it is best not to look for what is wrong, if we look at what is wrong in others we are most likely going to entertain disappointment. What we have control over is our inner response to the world outside. Instead of looking at what is wrong with people we could look for and study cultures that are working in harmony around the world and then inspire ourselves to be like them and practice these ways of being, like the cultures of horses that I have witnessed living in harmony with one another. It is beneficial to have more love and understanding for everything around us.

From this point of view when we serve others, we serve in a way that brings life enrichment and brings well being to ourselves, them and the broader community.

From this way of being, we can have what we want without having to force or focus on what is missing or what is sad. I suggest that if we follow our instincts and listen to our own personal conscience we will enjoy being alive and evolve humanity at the same time. I suggest that we can stop abuse by inspiring others to try a different approach in a loving way when they are ready.