Developing the connection

Hi again. Thank you for all your interest and kind comments about my new Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Program. I was delighted that it proved so popular with you and in fact it sold out. We therefore decided to run a second class for all those who could not get in and you can sign up for this now at the Coaching page. Both classes will begin towards the end of May. Right on to today's post and I'd like to talk about something we will be talking a lot about on the Program and that is developing the connection with your horse.

To keep this magical connection you share with your horse each day and out of respect, you should check in to see if he is still feeling the bond he shares with you. Have you unknowingly violated his trust? Do you need to re-establish the trust before you begin your work? Does he want to join in with the activities you have planned for him? Does he run to meet you at the gate because he is looking forward to your work together? If you can lead him without a halter and he will swish his head in the halter, he is good to go. Whatever he demonstrates, create the direction of your leadership and not your agenda. It is better not to ferret out the resistance in a horse and eradicate the resistance. It is better to develop the ‘yes’ factor by developing the natural willingness in a horse to enjoy team interactions. When picking a method to start a horse pick a method that allows the relationship to grow naturally in a quiet atmosphere when a horse feels safe and secure and ask him to follow your lead in activities that are comfortable to both you and your horses. A formula of horse training is only as good as the relationship that exists between the horse and his handler in the moment. The success of any formula lies in its ability to unfold slowly and naturally to the horse’s point of view. The less skill it takes the better.

These are the rules that can help with your relationship training your horse. Use interactions with your horse that seems natural to him. Only work a horse that is comfortable with the environment and feeling a bond with you in the moment and when the horse is giving you his total consent to follow your lead.

Never enter his space if he is uncomfortable with your presence. In the training process the horse has no fault insurance. In your relationship after training is set, you can then reprimand him when he is out of line because he is aware he has broken your trust and your code of behavior together. If in the middle of his work with you he decides he doesn’t want to be trained, stop your agenda, go back to re-establish your relationship and rebuild his desire to follow your lead. Then continue with his training with something that you know he would learn easily and naturally. Your focus is to get the horse to volunteer his performance. From this companionship connection your leadership is fair, just, and moral and extremely effective. My own golden rule I follow is that if I can create a willing horse in the moment, I will have an opportunity to lead him and that he will follow every single time. Following this rule led me in how to use the rituals a lead horse uses to set a lasting bond with his mares.

My Liberty Training Method is communicating with the heart and bringing forth the willing spirit of the horse so that he dances with me as I fulfill his need for companionship and interaction that nurtures his spirit and well-being. I want the work I bring to the horse to be the highlight of his day and to see me as a valued family member. I want the experience for him to be so good that he would choose my companionship over another horse and bring a passion to his performance that I am hoping to gain.