Developing a Resonance with Horses

Carolyn and OsoFrom the desire to reach your goal, one sometimes forgets to enjoy the act of communicating and personal empowerment. What causes this problem is the lack of interest in how to connect with others from a desire to accomplishing your needs. In my mind reaching for your goal is a way to enjoy the relationship with your horse further. Going through the process of reaching your goal gives you a way to experience the personal well being from the act of communicating so that you may feel the resonance of life.  What exists in the resonance of life is that there is a battle going on as the music is playing in your heart and within the horse’s heart. This battle actually makes the dance sweeter and keeps you young and enthusiastic. Many mistakes can be made without knowing it. You can think you are too strong when you are too weak. You can forget to keep leading. You can lose your grit which can cause you not to be truly authentic.  However, when horses have their freedom, they love the journey that you bring to them.

To get to the point of connection that I have with my horses today I had to be willing to be too soft, too strong, not effective, and love my mistakes as much as the good times in harmonious dance. Before I gained amazing tact I had to be willing to experiment. I had to be willing to loose connections and not afraid to create a rift with my horse in order for the bumps in the journey to bring us closer.  This journey has always been the sweet spot of life for me.

Carolyn and OsoWhat I liked about horses and how they saw me, and all my errors and failures, is that they always respected me and wanted my company because of the Waterhole Rituals we shared together and the courtship they created. What I gained from all of this is that today I am able to intentionally hold energy in my body that causes a horse to trust me and to expect my leadership.  I acquired this from my personal approach of the Waterhole Rituals.

When I ask a horse to give me room, just like a horse does with another horse, I do not accept “no” for an answer.  However, at the same time I never expect a horse to follow my lead if he objects. It is so simple. All a person really needs to do is find the code of conduct through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals and getting the results that are gained through their practice.

Have a great weekend.  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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