De-Stressing in the Moments of Stress & Lynn's Rescue Riders

Photo by DonDid you know that animals are naturally present to the moment and experience a sense of joy from the sheer act of being alive more than we humans?  A sense of joy is not the natural condition for humans as it is for animals.  Because humans spend most of their days making plans for the future and problem solving rather than being present to the moment, stress becomes a way of life and we forget how to relax and feel at peace.

Exercising being present to the moment brings one back to their true nature. This is what the Waterhole Rituals E.F.L. Program brings to the equine world. This video shows a raccoon in a state of gratitude.


We miss out on a lot of these joyful activities from our need to reach our goals. We can even get so goal oriented that we forget how to enjoy the moment.  Becoming awake to these moments of joy will reduce the stress in your life.  More time spent in gratitude for being alive and present to the moment will extend your life and heal your heart.

I invite you to become aware of these moments of gratitude throughout your day.  In these moments you are connecting to your true nature. I keep a journal of these moments. Sometimes these moments of gratitude are a flash of consciousness and other times I am present to the moment in gratitude for the whole day.  From being awake to these moments in gratitude I feel a strong connection to Source. From being awake to my true nature I can see the spirit of a horse and can connect with him effortless, easily, and naturally.

Lynn's Rescue Riders

Photo by DonI have started giving drill team lessons at Horse Spirit Ranch in Bonsal. If you are in the area of Bonsal you might like to join us. The drill team practices are every  Saturday at 10:30am sharp and they go until approximately 1:00pm. We start with ground work for about 40 minutes and then riding for an hour and a half.   Then we review our lessons at the barn sight without the horses.

I am volunteering my time and the cost for a lesson is $30.00.  The proceeds go to the Lynn Hays' rescue horses.  We are calling ourselves Lynn's Rescue Riders. If you would like to join this group we would be delighted to have you.

Your horse needs to be relaxed in the lessons working with other horses and he or she should preferably have a good flat footed walk on a loose rein.  You should also be able to regulate the walk to match the group of horses.

Photo by DonPrivate lessons can be arranged to help qualify your horse if you would like some help.  Your horse must be able to work with other horses right next to and close behind him or her. Kicking or biting may disqualify you for the lessons.

The program will develop a horses' training level in the most natural way. For people who are interested in bridle-less riding my goal is to make this a bridle-less riding drill team. But first we need to ride for many months with bridles.

My approach is sharing Companion Energy in unity and harmony as a way to school a horse to music and have fun with horses. My focus is on precision and following the music in a quiet and relaxed manner.

Photo by DonWe are now focused on working in a flat footed walk in simple patterns in unison to music. The first lesson was amazing in what we were able to accomplish. My riders were able to count out their steps in walk in a unified group. The exercise was ten steps of walk and then halting and waiting on a drop rein, if possible, for the count of 10.  First without music and then with music. The next practice was the riders getting comfortable and into a habit in keeping an eye on each other. This practice helped the group to work in unison.

We then moved on to doing circles in unison, with music as our guide, the object of the group was to circle and get back to the fence line at the same time.  And by george they did it!!!  The group worked in both directions.  I worked with each rider on how to communicate with their horse with their seat and hands to achieve the lightest of rein aids and how to ride to create a relaxed horse.

I worked separately with each rider on straightness going across the arena to the new direction. We had four riders in our first lesson.  The area is very large and can hold a great number of horses.

Photo by DonThe weather was nice.  It is not as hot in Bonsal as it is at my ranch. I now have my riding school to music. If you would like to ride with me you can call for more information and sign up for next Saturday.  Please call Lynn Hays at Horse Spirit Ranch at 760-822-3579.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


Don't forget my Annual "Beyond the Waterhole Rituals" Clinic coming up in September and my Online Waterhole Rituals Classes starting in October.  You can click on the links below for more information.










Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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