Using Your Core Energy Story

On Tuesday I was speaking about using Core Energy with the first Waterhole Ritual, and I promised you a story. Before I start the story, I want to say that when the core is strong it is the blue print of who you are, and what you know and your intentions and a instant way to communicate with like minds. When cores communicate, there is a magnetic attraction. I had a lovely gelding named Navarre and he loved people and did not like horses as a rule. One day Sutter, a beautiful palomino stallion, wild most all of his life arrived at my ranch who could talk from his core. When I took him out of the horse trailer all the horses were on alert. Because of the core energy both horses held, Navarre and Sutter clearly communicated with one another with no sounds, thoughts, or anything tangible. We all acknowledged that we were aware of their connection. I could tell that Navarre had a different feeling for Sutter than he had ever shown to any other horse. My core energy could feel the energy that hung in the air around is. From reading Sutter’s, core energy, Navarre fell in love with Sutter at first sight. Both Sutter and Navarre went into a horse ritual I had never witnessed before. My core told me that it was safe to let them meet, to bond and that to allow this was very important for them to experience. So, I led Sutter to Navarre and Navarre did a strange thing. He stuck his nose up into the air which with a new horse he would normally have bowed his neck, danced around making a statement that he was planning a fight and win the fight at all cost.

Though I had never seen this behavior, I understood it and maybe I will be able to put it into words someday. I led Sutter up to Navarre, Navarre stuck his nose straight up into the air, and Sutter grabbed his throat gently and held on for several minutes then turned him loose. They did this greeting over a few days and in between this ritual, they shared the tightest bond I have ever witnessed.

This story demonstrates strong core energy for communication and making judgments. From using the first Waterhole Ritual, with the intention of building your core energy, you will acquire a communication line and be able to read the intentions of horses and what they are saying silently, as well as to develop a magnetism that many horses are drawn to.

This story should interest you to sit more often reading books with your horse, with a greater understanding of why it is important to do so. You must have this understanding for your core energy to grow from sitting with your horse. Just sitting isn’t enough, you need to understand the purpose for your sitting and then expand your awareness in the moment like a horse does. It is important to choose to be aware of being in the moment and feel connected to everything that surrounds you. To pay attention to the changes in every moment, like a lead horse in a state of watchful restfulness. Doing this with the intention of developing your core is the best and fastest education I can think of for developing a friendship, leadership, and bond with horses. This is why you need to take the time to share real time with your horse. It will enable you to build the connection as well as the dance you are looking for.

But first you must give up the rush, the agenda, even the longing, and expectations and wanting to get on with it. If you cannot sit, sit anyway because from sitting, you will give up all things that are in your way and then you can move into the next stage of building your core. I promise.

Enjoy your weekend and for those of you in the Insider Circle Club, I look forward to speaking with you on Sunday or Monday!