Continuing the Journey Thru Introspection and Dancing with Horses

I really enjoyed everyone’s response to the last blog. I wanted to share some things with you that are in the works. Journal Contest Please if you would re-submit your Journals for the Journal Contest. We have somehow lost the files. For those of you who would like to enter that have not entered the deadline is Oct.1 To qualify you need to have been a student of the Insider Circle or Box Programs. Your journal must be at least 75 pages. The winner will be announced on Nov 1. The winning journal will become the property of the Carolyn Resnick Method. I will try to get the winning journal published in the authors name. If I get it published there will be royalties to the author. Plus you will win a free spot in the 10 day Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic. I also want to see if I can get a second book published with expertise from the Journals that were entered. I have few entries at this time so you have a great chance in winning this contest!

Working Student I am also looking for a working student starting now through the winter. I am wanting to find someone that is an accomplished horse person who can handle a young Stallion and other horses that take more skill than the usual horse behavior. You job will be horse training and grooming. Organizational/office skills for helping me with my book will also be needed.

Local Dancing with Horses Clinic Again, the weekend is upon us and I am looking forward to a private clinic I will be starting on Monday. I am giving a clinic to a person who has never been around horses and wants to learn the Waterhole Rituals focusing on meditation, self-development, Self-realization. At this period of my life, this is my favorite subject along with working with Advance Dressage students.

I also have a local group of people who are learning the Waterhole Rituals by communicating with horses through dance. Miming intention as a way to communicate with horse and really taking on the body language of a horse gets one in touch with the authentic self. Something that most people have lost. Not knowing who your authentic self is makes it difficult to know your personal ability with horses and your personal talent. Your true individuality is born and discovered dancing with horses. You enter into the beginners mind. Dancing with horses to music time is lost and you become the vessel that the centaur connection is born out off.

If any of you are local, you are welcome to enroll. There is still a few more spaces open.

This weekend I will be outdoors with my horses soaking up the fall air and of course watching out for a new horse and human sighting. I have a very close friend that has a tent in her pasture of ex- racehorse where we socialize with many others and share in a potluck picnic with a little wine and cheese and local organic fruit.

Have a wonderful weekend, I will be thinking of all you and may the spirit of the bond be with you.