Connected Riding with The Waterhole Rituals

I have another new horse sighting. It was with a student of mine. She had not ridden her horse for some time and rode him. She started him back with all the precautions one would take to bring a horse back, but did not share space with her horse or make a great personal love fest connection. She did not do that with this horse because she never needed to do the rituals with him before. Well, he bucked really badly but showed no signs that he would object to her getting on him at the time. She was sure he was fine. During the bucking, he paused and she jumped off. As soon as she did, the bucking continued. As she stood there in shock, the horse stopped bucking and gradually walked back up to her. At that point, she thought that getting back on again would not be a good idea and decided to take things much slower. Over the next two weeks, she worked her horse by hand walking him, sharing territory, and lunging him. He was also tied up around the barn and horse trailer. Occasionally, she would saddle him up, but not ride him, and do lots of uberstreichens and intimacy interactions with him.

She waited until the nice parts of the day to get him out, and companion walked and trotted with him, and gave him treats for halting. She worked on her connection with eye contact and continued to work on petting him and rubbing him all over his body so that he would relax. Sometimes, she would pretend that she was going to ride him, in order to see what he would do with some weight in the saddle. She would then reward him by talking to him and treating him for being relaxed and soft in the eye during this process.

One day she decided to saddle him up and see if it felt like she could get on him again, and if he gave her permission. It was a warm fall day that was beautiful with a crispness and softness to the light. After much companion walking and trotting and working on eye contact and relaxation, she decided to try to get on. She worked on getting on him for 45 minutes, feeling if the time was right, and if he would allow her to get on. Finally, after feeling everything was right and as both of them were very relaxed, she attempted to get on, easing into the saddle as she had done so many times before. Still he was relaxed and calm with a pleasant look in his eye. He had no desire to buck and they began to slowly walk around the arena. Her mom was on the ground and gave him carrots at various intervals. After about ten minutes of easing around the arena. She got off, and the two happily walked back to the barn!

Not only is this a new horse sighting, it was a new human sighting as well. It was not about getting the buck out of the horse as much as it was about reforming their connection and partnership once again.

Here's some food for thought.....


Have a wonderful weekend! May the non-force be with you! Carolyn