How to Communicate, Train, and be with a Horse in Freedom

How to communicate, train, and be with a horse in Freedom: In every domestic horse there is a free spirit looking for his freedom. Let’s bring back the free spirit of your horse so that he can TRULY bond with you in the training process. This is what I will be offering in my next Online Waterhole Rituals Course. You will be learning a method of Liberty training without the confinement of a round pen, tack, or need for treats as bribes. It is my belief that all horses need to be started at liberty in a free open environment. It’s not just the dream of a deeper connection; there is a practical reason to approach your horse in this way. The practical reason is that a horse becomes more dependable and your training comes along much quicker and without effort.


The Waterhole Rituals removes the prey response, which brings out the strength of a horse to know how to connect with you and learn new things, causing your horse to absorb your training lessons like a sponge. The partnership that grows out of it is beyond measure. After a horse is trained in my Method, when you go to use tack the horse feels it is a communication that is natural to him rather than using the tack to control him against his will.

A little bit of my history; in the beginning before I joined the wild horses in Garner Valley, which you may have possibly read about in my book “Naked Liberty”, I had plenty of practice training horses at liberty using my Dads rules. The first rule was that I was not allowed to use tack while practicing how to train a horse when he was not present. The second rule was that if a horse became resistant, excited, or concerned I was to stop the training and wait for him to become relaxed and willing. The last rule was that if what I was training him to do did not come easily, I was to change the subject or quit. He came up with these rules because he did not want me to get hurt. These rules will help you stay safe as well and they are a great guide in how to approach the training of a horse in the most artful way. I follow these rules even today. In the years I experienced following these rules at liberty when my Dad was not around, I learned how different a horse behaved when he saw me as a companion rather than a predator, or just an inconvenience.

Carlsbad Sunset
Carlsbad Sunset

It is also who we are inside that makes a big difference in how a horse chooses to respond. The energy inside of a human spirit is what brings a horse along quickly. When using tack, treats, and round pens, a person can lose their inner quality that connects them to the horse. Their focus is more on an agenda, than on developing a relationship. Focusing on an agenda rather than the relationship causes a horse to not feel safe, which triggers the prey response and removes a horse's natural willingness.

A human's agenda can even stop a horse's reasoning ability by causing a horse to step into the survival mode. When a horse learns from a survival mode, what is left is a slave mentality and a false bond. The false bond can be seen easily in a horse, for the horse gives up expression and interest. He just does what he is told and what he can get away with. Allowing the feeling in the moment that you share with your horse, brings the dance alive.

I am offering more program related to this subject in my new program - The Chair Challenge. The chair challenge is designed to bring you to the kind of consciousness that can relate to a horse effortlessly, easily, and naturally. The program is a self-realization experience that starts out as an inner journey to let go of concerns and agendas that could hinder the progress of your horse's training. Sharing Territory and letting go of agenda opens an amazing door that brings about a dance that most horsewomen and men are looking for.

The online Waterhole Rituals program has three phases. The first phase is finding your true nature. By Sharing Territory in this guided program you will download an inner knowingness in your ability to create a willing connection with your horse. The second phase is learning how to communicate with your horse in a free open environment and how to produce a working partnership from a bond at Liberty. The third phase is focused on keeping a willing connection while training and performing at Liberty. In this phase, you are working on being able to bring your horse's energy up and down at will to match what it is you are asking for.

In a nutshell, you are both the trainer as well as the student of the horse. You use your horse's guidance by his response in how you approach your horse. The purpose of the online course is for the student to learn how to work with a horse as an individual and know when to allow and when not to allow and when to lead and when to follow to keep your position as a leader in the eyes of your horse. It is not about being kind or strong, it is about knowing this.

All successful trainers that bring along a horse easily do not bring agenda to a horse, what they bring is intent; the kind of intention that magically moves mountains. What takes place in the moment directs the approach you take in the training of the horse. 

Have a great weekend! Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

Here is a fun video showing a student learning the Waterhole Rituals and more...

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