Closing Thoughts of Gratitude

Closing Thoughts of Gratitude


Horses and humans had a good time together in our co-creative process through the online courses that just took place. Thank you for the flowers, gifts, and cards you have sent me in appreciation of my course. Most all of you in the class spoke of your gratefulness for the experience and what you got out of the course. It let me know that the school is something that is wanted and needed in the equine world.

It was a thrill to watch all of your creative approaches with my method. I enjoyed designing a customized program to suit you and your horse with the Insider Circle students every two weeks. I was amazed in how the Extended Circle students were able to guide their own programs. I watched both classes thriving on the program we shared together. In these courses, you learned how to train your horse at liberty in a free open environment with the Waterhole Rituals.

What I love about the Waterhole Rituals is that you get to approach your horse with the Rituals from a co-creative process that feels right to both you and your horse.  I also want to thank my class in seeing the value of the Waterhole Rituals in how they empowered your connection, communication, bond and training of your horse.

I want to thank both classes in seeing the value in communicating with a horse like you would with a good friend or beloved family dog or how you would like to be treated. I have shared with you in how to love your horse in a functional way that creates a horses desire to follow your lead. It is a kind of love that will bring about a true working partnership in competition for any and all equestrian pursuits.

My intention also for these courses is to wake up your natural instincts so they may lead you to a deeper bond, greater respect, and your horse’s willingness to dance in unity with you as well as to develop your own approach and training method. From your own approach with the Waterhole Rituals, you now have a plan in knowing how you want to keep building the magical connection and performance with a horse. You are working on becoming a true leader in the ways of horses in the same way I am. We are always growing our ability from each experience we share with a horse.

I believe what you have learned in the class has advanced you ahead of the general equine world in how to approach different personalities of horses and moods to win their trust and a horses desire for your company and your leadership.  What I wanted out of this course for you is that wherever you are with the Waterhole Rituals, is that you understand in how to go forward to evolve the partnership.

Most everyone in the class got the message that wherever you are with a horse is extremely valuable, whether you are still at the beginning of the Rituals or Dancing like artists. Staying within the connection and social rules horses follow, it is easy to advance your training on your own to create a magical dance with your horse. You now know the path to follow to evolve your relationship. On your way, I know you will find a profound joy that horses can bring us. You are also discovering your authentic self working from a co-creative process with your horse. Becoming one with your horse is worth the journey, the trial and error and discovering the true nature of your horse and who he is.

Have a great weekend.  I know I am going to have a wonderful time with Apollo at the beach and with my new horse Maestro…the tree leaf eater.

Remember to watch for new horse and human sightings.