Charging a Horse Begins the Play

How to Send your Horse Away when he Doesn't Want to go

I want to address a big concern that many horse loving people have when working with their horses at liberty. This problem does not exist for wild horses and their new human partner or even newly born foals or for domestic horses that live in a natural herd. However, there are a lot of horses and humans having this problem. The problem I want to help people with is how to drive a horse away from you when you are wanting to get the life up in your horse for liberty dancing. By being able to do this, you can really have some fun for you and your horse. Dancing with your horse at liberty you get some exercise and bonding time in play like the boy in the movie "The Black Stallion" when he danced with the Black Stallion on the beach.

To understand why it is important to send a horse away, when he does not want to go, will give you courage to make it happen so you can enjoy the magic. By sending a horse away at the moment he wants to leave you there will be no dancing. This will not cause a horse to interact with you, he will only leave and not stay connected to you in any way. However, to send a horse away when he wants your company brings on the dance.

Prey vs. Predator

To illustrate how to understand why we must approach a horse at the moment he would not want to leave in order to be able to find the dance, I want to show the difference between prey and predator. What makes dogs different from horses is that they do not drive each other like horses do as a way to create order and connection. This is why some people find dog training easier on the heart, you never need to drive a dog away when he would not want to leave your side. However, horses are herd animals and connect with one another through the driving aids. You really do not want to drive a horse away when the bond and desire to stay with you isn’t present. When this feeling is not present in your horse he will see you as a predator. If we went after a horse when he did not want to be caught he would not let us approach him ever. So the natural way to engage a horse to play or dance is to communicate with him by driving him when he does not want to go. This effort will be different from time to time as well as horse to horse.

Game of Chase

What would help your horse to move out more when his is not wanting to leave your side is to communicate like a mother to a child in a playful way when trying to scare her child back and to get her child on the run for a good game of chase. Visualize a mother with an apron on and shaking her apron and scooting her feet in the direction of her child making guttural tones to invite the chase. Put a smile in your heart and pick up your energy and speed going faster and faster as you are approaching your horse. Maybe a tambourine could help to move your horse as an added support.

"Whoopie Whang"!

It is important to increase your speed as you approach your horse. It is the progression of your speed in the charge that will help you to move your horse and for your horse to make sense that you are wanting him to go away with great gusto. If he is at first upset he will get over it and the result will be a closer bond.

Be a precocious child that knows that in her charge she will still be loved and "bad" did not happen. You can mean business and have a light heart at the same time! WHOOPIE WHANG!! The heart has the ability to make everything all right in everything we do! Focusing on this in meditation will build this stregnth.

A Fun Exercise

I am giving a class right now and we were all doing a charge on each other to develop our skill for sending a horse away. The energy of each of us was different depending upon how we feel about scaring a horse away. At the end I charged each one of my students and they said that my energy was playful but still very effective. I think the most empowering information in any method is to understand the goal and then from there you can figure out how to have it happen for you that suits your nature. What we are wanting is to be the horse that has the most friends and the biggest heart and with the most respected leadership as well as to have great communication skills.

If this article has helped you, I would love to hear how it has or how I can help you further on this subject.

Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

With Thoughtful Warmth, Carolyn