Carolyn's Special Connection with Horses at Liberty

CarolynI was gifted at birth with knowing how to train a horse at liberty. I had a natural instinct about how to bring out the enthusiasm in a horse to follow my lead.   My special connection with horses caused people to want the same cooperation and expression that I was getting from my horses. That was when I started doing public clinics in the 80’s, traveling across the USA for two summers. I had developed the Waterhole Rituals in the 70’s. At that time they were called the Seven Steps of Liberty Training. The Steven Steps where developed for people who wanted to study with me at my ranch and later on when I started doing clinics.

My method for teaching others was based on what I had learned from interacting with horses in the wild as a child. My book Naked Liberty is about this journey that I experienced with domestic and wild horses. I am sure you would enjoy reading it. You can purchase it on my site under the “products” tab.

2013 Group Clinic

Now at this time in my life I see how many people that I have influenced as teachers in the art of liberty horse training around the world. It is such a heart-warming thing to see the impact that I have made through the training of horses at liberty.

My calling is to bring more compassion to the way horses are being trained and thought of. I wanted horses to be treated with more respect and that the horse would actually receive enjoyment from the training experience.

From many years of training horses at liberty, studying how a foal was raised in a natural herd, and then interacting with horses in the wild, I developed my Method. My Method is based on daily rituals that are responsible for building an amazing communication system of horses in a natural herd and the magnetic connection that they share.

My method is also focused on returning a horse to his natural herding instincts. From these instincts a horse can be easily directed at liberty to go where you send him or her on any course of your choosing in a spontaneous dance or being directed on an agility course.

TrinityDeveloping the horse’s instincts and social responsibility, you then can easily direct your horse where you want him or her to go and at what speed and with what kind of energy that you would like the horse to have, whether he needs to be energetic or calm. All of this can be produced without the need of control or need of training once the horse’s instincts and bond are in place. With practice and time one can develop a skill to have a horse follow their lead and dance with them upon first meeting. This is what I am helping my students to acquire that are taking my online courses and coming to work directly with me on my ranch.

When a horse is born he is equipped with basic instincts, which are simple: to move away from anything that is approaching him and to follow anything that is leaving him. When following and moving away become predictable by using my method one can have an amazing liberty dancing horse and a horse that is easy to training for any pursuit you are interested in.

The practice of social interactions that are normal to horses, which include Sharing Territory, personal space adjustment, and flexible boundaries, brings out a horse’s instincts to follow your lead when asked thus creating a magnetic connection between the horse and trainer.

panadaroWorking a horse at liberty, focusing on the “send” and “draw”, and becoming more dependable while practicing the exercises in my Method is how the horse is developed. This is especially true in the 5 piles of hay exercise that my class is now working with. This information, in the approach of my method, is vital to the outcome of the Waterhole Rituals. When you understand what you are working towards, that the send and the draw need to be developed to an art, then you will know which exercise to choose in my method to advance the training of a horse.

My method is a heart-based method, from a companionship process that is natural to horses. You will learn how to create enthusiasm in a horse to dance with you at liberty and enjoy the training process like a dog would playing with his human partner.

For those of you that are wanting to take a clinic in my method, Linda Salinas has two clinics coming up. 

LindaJoin Linda for an amazing adventure and clinic in Costa Rica.  You will have an optional 3 or 5 days horse clinic with her.  The retreat is ALL inclusive in a 5 star resort.  All you need is your airfare.  Food, lodging, clinic, and activities are all covered in the price.  Take advantage of the early bird special ending November 30, 2014.  Activities include: zip lining, massage, yoga, white water rafting, rappelling and other adventure tours!

What could be better then Costa Rica in the winter?  Join Linda Salinas for a magical adventure with horses and more.

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For those of you that have taken my online course I am offering a clinic at my ranch in November and in December, 2014. You can choose which one you would like to take. I also do three-day private clinics at my ranch.

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IMG_1994If you are just starting out with my method you can come to my ranch and work with Teddie Ziegler here in California or work with Linda Salinas at her ranch in North Carolina. Both Linda Salinas and Teddie Ziegler are Certified Instructors in my Method and they can be booked to come to your area for private or public clinics as well.

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Have a great weekend! Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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December 11-14, 2014


Self Realization through the Training of Horses at Liberty with Linda Salinas

February 22, March 1, 2015

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