What are the Carolyn Resnick Waterhole Rituals?

First of all, I want to welcome you if you are new to my blog and to explain the new online Waterhole Rituals course that will be starting on May 29th. It is a course in how to work and play with your horse at liberty and get amazing results. You will learn how to be a friend to your horse and how to lead so that the friendship deepens and the leadership is effortless. From the relationship you achieve in the course your horse will begin to match your movements like a foal matches his mother’s movements. You will learn how to send your horse out and call your horse back to you, along with your horse circling around you at liberty and being able to ask your horse to stay in one place as if he is ground tied.

From the practice of the Waterhole Rituals you will able to keep your horses’ attention on you and he will follow your lead from the ground, which will translate to the saddle, and anytime you may need the cooperation of your horse.

The Waterhole Rituals Online Course is a co-creative course that develops your horsemanship skills though the collaborative interactions you share with your horse at liberty. You will learn what to allow, what not to allow, when you need to fit in with your horse, and when your horse needs to fit in with you. Through the process of learning how to dance with your horse at liberty, you will discover more about your natural abilities and how to approach your horse using your own instincts and values.

My method is built on natural bonding rituals that are instinctual to horses. Through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals you will develop an understanding of how to connect with all living creatures.  You will begin to learn about yourself more deeply and discover a way to be a leader in the eyes of your horse without using force.

What are the Waterhole Rituals?

The Waterhole Rituals are natural bonding rituals that I learned from watching wild horses in nature. They are the rituals that create harmonious communication within a herd. You can see many of the bonding rituals very clearly when two horses first meet and while then are grazing. Through shared grazing spots and claimed grazing spots they develop a unified herd and social awareness. Horses train each other to fit in socially within the herd and how to keep a position of respect with one another in their everyday relationships. This is my secret and I will be passing it on to you by showing you how to approach the training of a horse in a similar way, to be harmonious with your horse.

The practice of the Waterhole Rituals will deeply benefit any and all horse and human relationship; from trail riding, to training and performance, to every day management as they open the door to your OWN true nature.

To understand what it is to work with a horse at liberty, these are the rules you will be following to bring about the true nature of your horse; to connect with him and give him a desire to learn and follow your leadership.

Rules to follow using the Waterhole Rituals

In each Ritual there is an outcome to be achieved. How you achieve it is in your hands by following these basic rules:

  • You do not capture a horse against his or her will.
  • The only time you are to influence a horse is when he is relaxed.
  • If you excite a horse the horse should be able to go back to relaxation in less than 3 minutes.
  • Take a pause for the same amount of time that a horse became concerned.
  • If you create fear in a horse do not repeat what excited him, but rather move on to something that would bring back the trust and willingness of the horse to follow your lead.
    • In many cases it can be a good lesson for a horse to become excited to bring up his energy, but not if the trust is disturbed beyond three minutes. Bringing up a horse’s energy is desirable but not to be used to force a horse to do something that he does not want to do or to punish him. Bringing up a horse’s energy can return his focus and grow the bond deeper, but not if he feels threatened. He must feel like a dog at play and that the connection has improved from the energy you developed in him. We all know what that looks like.

What is so different and special about the Waterhole Rituals?

They bring awareness in how to create the want and the desire in a horse to dance in partnership with a human. What is different about the Waterhole Rituals is that they shed light on understanding the true nature of an individual horse from the same approach that horses use to get to know each other. The Waterhole Rituals teach people how to connect with their higher self and how to learn from the direct experience, just as I have done.

What is the Therapeutic aspect to both species?

The Waterhole Rituals are therapeutic for horses because it gives them social activities to do and it gives them a sense of family with humans that a horse would normally experience in a natural herd. The daily practice of the Waterhole Rituals grows a horses’ sense of belonging. Since the Waterhole Rituals are the natural rituals that horses engage in to increase their bond and connection to the herd, they bring meaning to a horses’ life.

The Waterhole Rituals are therapeutic to humans in very much the same way as with horses. From the direct experience of growing a deep bond with a horse, something awakens within a person to bring about a deeper meaning to life. From the practice of the Waterhole Rituals a well-being springs forth so that the student is able to discover their natural instincts for communicating with a horse. During the process of learning the Waterhole rituals I have seen people develop a deeper kinship with all living creatures. From the heart and soul exchanges that occur between horse and human; broken hearts heal, the lost find their way home, and for the student of the horse it brings a deep sense of joy and growing connection.

There are many similarities between horses and humans and unlimited insights that I will give you in my online course. These similarities, between horses and humans, cause deep bonds that are magical.  The Waterhole Rituals are the perfect way to deepen the understanding of your horses’ true nature and personality and how to develop a more willing partnership with him at liberty.  In searching for this kind of connection with your horse a person awakens to THEIR true nature and finds a UNIQUE connection with their horse.

Have a great weekend! Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

P.S. The online course is now available after taking the my new the Chair Challenge.

TESTIMONIAL: [thrive_testimonial name="Andree Castagne – Belgium" company="" image=""] "It took me awhile before understanding how to really Share Territory with my horse.  I was sitting in my chair going deep inside myself and nothing happened!  My horse was eating and I was gone.

After Carolyn's coaching, I became aware of my surroundings, fully present to the moment, and magic happened. My connection with Bhindi changed a lot and the trust is deep and constant." [/thrive_testimonial]

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