Can Trees Communicate? Really?? by Linda Salinas

Everyone has their own personal description of nature.  For me, nature is the thought of God placed in time.   Nature has it 's own language, which is  silence.   If you listen well,  you will hear what nature has to say.  Do natural organisms speak to each other?  For example, do trees communicate with other trees?  If so, how do they do it and for what purpose?


In this video below,  you will see how trees truly communicate with each other.  WAKE UP EVERYONE!  We have been hearing for years how everything is connected and it is clearly undeniable.   Last week's blog was titled, "Everything Belongs".   This week's blog provides another example of how everything belongs because everything is connected. brain-tree-headAs my dear friend Charlie Womack said to me, "Linda, you can't gain on one end without giving up something on the other end".  My reply to Charlie is,  "Your right, so let's just let it all be"!

Trees clearly can communicate, but are we listening well enough to hear their message?


Have a great rest of the week and please remember that everything belongs because all life is connected.


Thank you Linda for a wonderful blog.  Everything communicates in it's own way and everything in nature has it's own language.  This is what my Method is all about...the natural way to communicate with horses.  My Waterhole Rituals are a way to teach humans how to communicate with their horses in "horse language" so that you are easily understood and will become a true part of the herd and respected as a leader.

Here is a link to my next Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals Clinic here at my Ranch in Escondido, CA

 <<Waterhole Rituals Group Clinics>>


 Here is a look into the classroom:


"Dear Carolyn,

Firstly, I hope you had a wonderful Easter lunch with great company!

I spent the Easter weekend at a hoof trimming clinic, which means I have not had that much time to be with the horses. Upon returning home, Barbie felt more distanced and up-tight compared to before I left. She was covered in bite marks from the other horses. I decided to take it easy and spend time sharing territory, and do very short sessions of LFB and companion walking. Yesterday, Aline came out and we did the carrot game. Barbie actually even got cheeky at a certain moment (which I liked) and great fun was had by all!

This morning, Barbie presented me with a surprise! I always park her in front of the barn and she happily stays there for me to groom her or work on her feet. This morning, I had to check something two horse lengths away from her and instead of staying put, she came over to check out what I was doing. I let her do it, because normally, she is too afraid to go explore, especially when it’s away from the barn and the paddock. I have done one session with her to practice walking down the driveway, but she got too nervous when the other horses started calling her, so I decided back then (two weeks ago or so) that she was not ready. This morning however, she must have decided she was ready! Once she realized I was willing to go along with her initiative, she looked very determined and headed for the driveway. Just like that. I let her walk as far as she wanted. She went down the driveway, stopped to look at the world going by (we live on a very busy road), answered a whinny by my other mare and headed to the left onto the cycle path. I let her go as far as the neighbor’s house and then took her home again, just to be safe. But she wanted more, so off we went again, down the driveway and I decided to go to the right this time, to munch on some grass. Then I took her home again. She wanted to go some more so I took her to the grass again. She was hardly eating. She was taking in The World and she looked SO full of life!!! Not scared, just ALIVE! That changed when she discovered the donkeys on the other side of the road. It changed her energy completely. Head and tail went up and she became prancy. It was comforting to feel that she was still willing to follow my lead, but it was a good cue that we had to go home, which we did. I put her back in the paddock and she stood at the gate for a while, body squared, head up, eyes wide and bright, basically just looking PROUD and PRESENT. There was an awesome energy about her that I have not felt before.

Carolyn, the change in this horse has been so amazing! She is opening up like a rose and it’s a beautiful process to be part of. There is an energy about her that I can’t describe. It’s strong and soft at the same time.



Desiree Taylor


Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn