Lynn and Her Brumby Sakima

Today we have a story from one of my Inner Circle students, Lynn Scott, about how her relationship is progressing with her wild brumby, Sakima. Lynn learned my Method through the Inner Circle Program and private telephone coaching. I have never met Lynn as she lives in Australia but she is testament to how effective virtual coaching can be when learning my Method. I do hope you enjoy her story as much as I did...

"When I go to my horses, all four of them, it never ceases to amaze me as to what they will bring that day. Thanks to Carolyn, it is a fascinating journey that I am on with my brumby. My truly wild boy is becoming more confident with people. Last night he was in the back paddock when I went to feed, so off I went down the hill calling and he hears me and comes cantering up, scattering the cows as he comes. Not at any time have I feared for my safety even when he comes at a canter. When I ask him to whoa he stops in front of me waiting for his reward. We then walk together to the feeding area.

Sakima has learnt the joys of carrots and apples, thanks to Carolyn for these tips. He adores his apples and carrots and even though they get stuck in his missing tooth he stills gobbles them down. Each time I see him struggle with his broken tooth I despair at the cruelty of people that chase the brumbies and inflict so much cruelty on them in the wild. They have no idea what pain they have created for Sakima. At least now he is safe even if he has lost his tooth and freedom.

Yesterday we had the best experience with the Rituals and when I was doing leading from behind it was a totally different experience than before. I rewarded him for this part of the Rituals by returning him to the herd as I normally take the others out when I work with him. I did this part with him as part of the herd as I have found he moves around the paddock more in the herd than when by himself and I wanted to progress to leading from behind. He and I were able to connect and he would wander off with me trailing behind. My other boys came up but I asked them to leave Sakima and I and they all wander off.

There were some important changes in Sakima’s behaviour yesterday. In the past it has been me that went up to his front every so often. Yesterday he changed the game and he would every now and then turn around and come to me, have his reward and then wonder off with me following.

I tried the gentle cluck to have him move on request but this did not work so this time I gently raised my arms to ask him to move on and the same time clucking. He DID and there was no wild reaction like last time. He simply walked on and stopped and grazed and then would after awhile turn and come to me. It was amazing and yet another step that you and I have been working on. So we have this on him now and today I will see how he is and if we get it again."

Lynn and Sakima have experienced a further breakthrough in their relationship, which I will be sharing with you in my next blog. If you have a story you would like to share, may I suggest you write a summary in the comments box below and then send a full version by email to Thank you.

Before the new 'In a Box' Program with the Waterhole Rituals™ starts, I want everyone that is planning on taking the course to try to find the reeds ahead of time. In the US, WalMart usually has them. You can also try Pier One Imports. If these stores do not have them then start looking for a natural branch from a tree that is very flexible and thin. You want it to be strong enough that when you swish it back and forth the branch makes a singing noise and does not break.

We have had a few questions about the exact content of the new Program, which I think are answered on the Coaching Programs page. I do want to clarify one thing, which is because we are not running the full Insider Circle Program at the same time, the calls will be the ones we made last time that were used successfully by the last 'In a Box' students, for example, Mitzi who commented on Tuesday:

For anyone thinking about doing the Water Holes rituals “In a Box” program I would say with no hesitations DO IT !! It will be a priceless experience for you and your horse. I was in the last class and I learned so much…I already had a good relationship w/ my Friesian gelding ,but with Carolyn’s teachings it took our relationship to a whole other level :) We are starting just starting to dance together, after following the different rituals is absolutely a magical feeling. You will learn so much from Carolyn and from all the participants. The calls are absolutely priceless...

One last word of warning though, be sure to sign up early because I will only be allowing a limited number of places on the Program and conversely, in the event that an insufficient number of people do register, then I will wait and start another course in the Spring. So either way, sign up sooner rather than later!

Thanks and enjoy your weekend.