Boredom in horses

I often get asked questions from people facing challenges with their horse and so I thought you might find it interesting to read these and my reply. Perhaps you have a question that you would like to ask? If so, just fill out the form on the right on the Home page. This is from a lady called Jan, who wrote:

"I have an OTTB who is extremely intelligent and over-reactive, has had many bad habits from racing and is easily bored. He also resents being told what to do so I really work to find what he likes to do best. He has had foot problems for the past three years but is now sound. We have been through a lot together and he really trusts me but he does not always listen. I still have trouble keeping his attention all the time. And any time he does not want to do something that he thinks is boring, he throws a huge fit!

He was obviously forced to do things and beaten before I bought him. He hates having whips pointed at him but I can stroke him with a TTEAM wand. He is a wonderful, sweet horse with a big heart and is also a comedian. I am looking for ways to work with him that will be acceptable to him given his background. He is adverse to force and coercion. He has made great progress but I still have trouble. How can your techniques help this horse?"


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