Beyond the Whisper

This winter I have been working to complete my next book on the Waterhole Rituals. If you are new to my blog and do not know of my work and Methods, I thought I'd share with you the first page of my book and then you can ask me questions on the subject of the Waterhole Rituals.

"Beyond the Whisper" - A step by step Guide to the Waterhole Rituals

The Waterhole Rituals can be thought of as a courtship to win a horse’s trust, affection, loyalty and respect rather than a horse training method. Your communication skills with horses using my Method are meant to evolve organically from the relationship you build with your horse. I will guide you though each step as your relationship matures to a dancing partnership in harmony and unity. Leadership in the moment a horse feels a connection in companionship inspires a horse to follow your lead like music inspires the dancer to dance.

I stopped pursuing horses as a way to bond with them years ago. A bond with a horse should happen naturally, like when choosing a puppy, from the spontaneous magnetic connection that brought you together.

Liberty Training needs to start at liberty without an agenda to force the horse to bond by using a fence and tack to keep the horse engaged. What you will do is to provide a comfortable place in a large fenced in area so the horse feels no pressure to bond. Where the horse feels completely at home with food and water. You do not want the horse to feel captured. Tack and fences are not natural to horses as a way they go about developing heartfelt bonds and willing partnerships in a natural herd. Giving the freedom and the time it would take for the horse to choose you, allows the natural process to unfold making it possible for a lasting partnership to form. When a horse is free to interact he becomes more interested in getting to know you as he is not being persuded and it becomes his idea to seek out your company.

I am drawn to horses like bees to honey, but I learned early to wait for them to start the relationship and bond. This is the secret in discovering the magic that is found between horses and humans.

From studying the herd behavior of wild horses in nature, I have gained this connection by getting a horse to accept me as a family member and trusted companion. Not that he is a part of my family, but that I became a part of his family. I develop a friendship and trust by communicating with a horse through the daily bonding rituals that I learned from wild horses. From the bond that I developed with them, I could ride wild horses in moments when the bond was strong. My experiences with wild horses in nature lead me to a universal way to create a connection with all things. The Waterhole Rituals I am sharing with you in this book are the processes necessary to build this connection. The journey that you take using my Method will possibly lead to the most rewarding relationship you can experience with a horse!

From the bonds I developed with wild horses in nature, I discovered that communication with horses was rather easy. To become a fare and equitable partner, we must first draw the horse to want to bond with us like they have drawn us to them and then a true connection can be formed. This requires us to wait for a horse to be attracted without any influence other than our presence sitting in their territory.

This is the first page of the first chapter of my book. If you have any questions or comments on the Waterhole Rituals right now, I will write my answers in the comments section. I would also like to hear how you like the beginning of my book.

I want to help people to understand the Waterhole Rituals that are new to my Method. For people wanting to start out using my Method I would suggest reading Naked Liberty and studying the DVDs Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals, Panadero's Journey and Liberty Training.

Many of you are interested in doing the Insider Circle Program on the Waterhole Rituals. We do not have a date as yet and I'd like to set a date. Please let me know what date would be good for you in regards to it not being too cold to start practicing the Waterhole Rituals outside!

As ever, I look forward to hearing from you below.


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