Becoming the best you can be for your horse by developing your magnetism.

To create a deeper connection with your horse, put yourself in a state of happiness before you see your horse. It will help you to discover yet another core strength within you. Your intentions to elevate your awareness will grow your magnetism. Growing your magnetism will draw your horse to follow your lead. It will cause your horse to trust in your leadership. So how can we do this? Start by putting your attention on the well being that is always there inside of you until it consumes your awareness fully. Become aware of how your body feels in the moment. Focus on the parts of your body that feel alive and well until your whole body feels alive.

If you have something that does not feel good inside you, this is not you. It is an external condition that has caused feelings of sadness or any negative feeling that pulls you down. Let it go on your exhaled breath. Imagine breathing in healing energy. Imagine breathing from the parts of your body that you are focused on and then feel the sensation. Notice the well being growing within you. Feel the connection to all things and a peace that is always there even in the perceived chaos.

When you go to your horse, keep this feeling. Notice your breath and your horse’s breath. Notice how it is, as it is. Change nothing, just notice. You are completely free, allowing the forces around you to bring a connection in friendship with your horse to a deeper level. Your horse will feel more secure from your presence when this happens, and your leadership will be better given and understood by your horse.

Design your approach for training your horse from your observation in what would improve your horse’s well being and performance. Pick a program that would cause your horse to enjoy being with you. This will create cooperation and performance in harmony and unity. Before you pick the program for the day, take the time to allow the shift of connection to happen. It is a palatable shift in your body that will grow the connection between you. When this happens, you can begin training. Go about the process by shaping your horse’s character to be secure, optimistic, to enjoy learning, and to have a natural desire to follow your leadership over his own. Guide your horse to offer rituals of respect and affection- such as following you around with a soft energy, being willing to move easily out of your way and to follow you when you leave and to enjoy being herded like herd animals do. The potential bond a horse can offer a human is deeper than what they can offer to another horse, and vice versa. The cross species bond is life enhancing.

In the prolog of my book Naked Liberty, I write about accidentally connecting with a bobcat one day on a walk in nature from being in a state of bliss. I describe the conditions that cause a crosspieces bond to occur. Today when Sharing Territory™ try to feel the shift in your energy at the moment your horse feels a sense of well being from your presence. Please share your experience of this shift and how it felt.

Horses trust us more when we are happy and are at peace with the way things are. You horse’s trust is also gained from feeling the pleasure of your horse’s company without needing anything more from him. Do not be needy for your horse’s approval. Horses love to follow a leader but not a needy one in the beginning. Go to work with the Waterhole Rituals™ to build the bond more than it is. If you are unhappy that your horse does not want to be with you, it will actually drive your horse further away. Needing a horse’s company and feeling down hearted is not good. It removes one’s magnetism and you really need a lot of that around horses when you are not using tack at liberty and working with the spirit of the horse.

I would like to hear your accounts in the moments that a two-way connection was formed when you least expected it, and that your horse initiated it like the time Mustano shared a drink at the waters edge with me. This is a scene in my book Naked Liberty from chapter 26 “The Pecking Order Incident.”

I have some pictures to share of Sharing Territory™ that I thought you all might enjoy! I would like to thank Berenika and her lovely mare Reja for the wonderful photo of her and her mare reading a book! I would also like to thank Lori Smith and her horse Ben for the great photo Sharing Territory™ too! And, of course, there is me Sharing Territory™ with a nice grey horse!

Have a magical day! Carolyn