The art of horsemanship

The art of horsemanship starts every day not at the end of the journey. It starts with the first breath and at the moment you and your horse are in the same state of awareness in harmony. It takes a spiritual journey to develop a partnership with a horse. It takes consistently focusing on keeping the magnetic connection alive between you and your horse by managing the relationship and keeping the training on the horse as well as adding training. This keeps the horse young and motivated. Working a horse at liberty gives the horse a sense of freedom and the horse can express himself more honestly. From this honesty, you can see more how to approach your training. The other aspect of working a horse at liberty is that a horse will trust you more, bringing out the side of his nature to follow your lead naturally.

The act of controlling a horse will develop a horse that needs to be controlled. What would be better is that the horse is more than willing to perform and take direction. Taking the time to get a horse to volunteer his performance is fun and life enhancing and will achieve a magical partnership and a performance that is the best the horse has to offer. In a controlled performance, the horse will only put in enough effort to get by. He will not excel.

Horses have a natural desire to follow your lead and perform if we use the art of horsemanship rather force and control. Freedom to respond without reprimand is what keeps the dance in unity and harmony rather than an act that is not heartfelt by either horse or human. The dance is something special and if the outcome of controlling leadership is a magical dance you have to decide whether the journey of control was worth it. In most cases, it would be preferable not to choose to take a forceful approach because time was spent in strict control and heartless moments of unawareness. In unawareness, you cannot lead and you are not a leader. You are only a tyrant. Something is usually lost using forceful leadership and you do not benefit from the nurturing support system that nature has to offer. This nurturing force supports all of us on our journey through life. Magic can happen when you work with the natural elements. Allow the miracle that nature provides us to give us a helping hand in the training of your horse. Work with what you have rather than what you want brings you clarity in how to approach your journey. You discover that nature provides us support, protection, and many time better results in a relationship than anything that we could strive to achieve. When we allow nature and the horse to assist us, we become humble and less afraid and softer and stronger to our core. Life seems to flow and the natural elements begin to support us.

From my Method of training I want people to learn how important it is to allow a horse to be free to respond, to be in self carriage and not to control him to perform but rather ask him to and learn how to ask in a way that would get a positive result. In this approach, a horse will become more responsible in his partnership with you and his performance.

When giving horses freedom to respond to our leadership and by creating a program to suite his interest we find a horse that wants to be responsible.

In the past, we needed horses for our daily survival and now we do not need them for any purpose but our love of them and to ride them for the pure adventure it adds to our life.

It is here that we need to understand that horses can teach use how to evolve our leadership and spiritual growth. The last thing I want to add is that if we are looking for the dance we can have that and even more. To experience this to be able to ride like the wind to be on their backs for all the things that we do with horses can be done better; trained better; by slowing down and taking the long journey. My Method is a long walk to develop the perfect connection with a horse. A walk that is more rewarding than the goal. The reason for this is that when the goal is not shared a partnership that is forced and hurried results that is not enjoyed by either horse or human. There is no spiritual connection or friendship. Teaching a horse to take responsibility without using control causes a horse to perform in the best way possible. Then the dance is magical, when the horse takes on more responsibility without control.

No matter what choice you take, in the end it is a spiritual journey you are on with your horse. If you take the low road of strife and speed with the only the appreciation of the goal as the reward, you are unaware of life and the goodness it brings us. You are missing a path that offers life’s enrichment. When we cut a path for ourselves, it takes a lot of hard work. If we don’t use the support, that nature offers it can harden us to life itself. Who better to get us back on the path of least resistance and spirit than the horse? Leadership is what a horse wants and it is natural for humans to lead and working on better relationships and understanding will guide us to be the leader we long to be and the leader that the horse is longing to find.

Enjoy your weekend