Appreciating nature

This story that I am going to share with you today was a scene I witnessed on the beach. It’s about a little boy, about three years old, and what happened when he discovered a seagull. As I watched, this little boy came across a seagull and he immediately knew that he wanted to catch him. So he ran towards the seagull and the seagull, of course, saw him coming and started taking off. As soon as the boy saw this, he fell to his knees and rolled around. I wondered what he was doing? As I watched, I realized he was trying to get the seagull to play with him. And do you know what? That seagull stopped, turned around and started looking at the little boy. The boy reached out with his arms to see if he could get the seagull to come to him. Of course, the seagull wouldn’t. So then he lay on his stomach with his legs in the air and just watched the seagull and the seagull stared back. This went on for quite some time.


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