Announcing The Winner Of The Journal Contest

Better late than never. It took me this long to pick the winner of the journal contest. The journals were not typical journals. They were a combination of journal writing along with guidance to the reader on many points to better understand the Insider Circle and In the Box Programs and the difference in my Method in relationship to the classical Methods that are out there today. The reason I was looking to have a journal contest was so the winners journal could be used to help prospective new students better understand the courses and the Waterhole Rituals enabling them to evaluate whether or not this is the program for them. The journal entries were all amazing and it was very hard to pick the winner. I do appreciate every single entry. We had five entries and I loved every one. I derived so much benefit from reading them all and they helped me to know more in how I want to go forward as a teacher.

I wish I could have talked personally with each person as I was reading their journals. Each person wrote from their heart of hearts, something that we seldom share with one another. It was such a treat for me as I am sure you can all imagine. I was lucky to have only five people enter the contest, which was a good thing since I did not realise how big a job this would have been if everyone had submitted a journal. The task was mammoth as it turned out which is why it took me so long.

Holly Vanasse was a very active student in the class that I got to coach more closely because she sent me YouTubes. Holly’s journal went into very strong specifics with her horse that were very educational. She also showed how horses communicate with one another using the Waterhole Rituals. She had a specific path that was very interesting, so thank you Holly for your beautiful, clear and detailed account of your personal relationship with your horse Gunny and how you went about overcoming some big hurdles focusing on more intimacy with your horse to get a better connection. Holly’s horse is called Gunny and her journal was entitled The Code of Horses which I loved because that is what we are doing when we are working with my method.

Joanne Blake’s journal was called Horse Drawn. It was an amazing and rich look at the spiritual lessons horses have to teach us relating it to many spiritual outlooks in our human cultures. Her journal was more like a book with beautiful photographs that stayed close to remembering that it is about finding the magnetic connection which is present to us when we share a cross species bond.

Connie Huibregtse journal was called Learning from Carolyn Resnick. I loved Connie’s journal because of all the journals it stayed in the present moment like a child feeling the magic in nature. Connie’s journal reminded me of my own journey that I experienced as a child and still do today. I also appreciated how Connie got the importance of having the core of your being needing to be in balance to empower the trust of a horse.

Bonnie Beresford wrote a journal detailing her personal journey and struggles in making small nuances of not right connections to a full cross species connection with her horse. It was a very interesting read as she shared what she went through on her journey from communicating with others in the course to how she grew her own horsemanship skills and lessons she shared with the reader.

Laura Nelson’s journal (aka Candle Hill) I felt really gave the reader a complete understanding of what the Waterhole Rituals is all about in regards to how it fits into the equestrian world and its overall benefits. I also liked how Laura wrote about her perspective of the rituals and then how she thought her horses felt about the Rituals. Laura worked with two individual horses that were entirely different from one another and her account sheds a lot of light in how to approach different personalities of horses using the Waterhole Rituals.

Now for the winner... After careful consideration I have chosen Laura Nelson as the winner. Laura wins a complimentary place on my ten day “Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic” that is being held in December. Congratulations Laura.

Bonnie Beresford was the runner up and I have decided to offer her a private three day clinic. I also like to offer Holly, Joanne and Connie a shared clinic at a reduced price if you are interested. Please could you all contact me to arrange your prizes.

Once again I would like to thank all the contestants for their hard work in submitting their journals and I hope that you found the experience writing them as rewarding as I did reading them.