Active Change for Creating Harmony

I am so pleased to have all of you in my classrooms and on the blog. I want to thank you for being here with me. Your interest in my programs gives me an opportunity to be able to share with you what is closest to my heart. We have a large enrollment for the 'In a Box' Program. I kept the 'Insider Circle' Program to a small number so I can coach to offer personalized coaching. For everyone in those Programs, my blogs will help you in the courses so don’t stop reading them. I will use the blog for added lesson material. The blogs going forward will also help the those of you who are not currently in these Programs on the Waterhole Rituals. I will focus on philosophy, how to go about training and the kind of atmosphere that will bring a horse well being. I have always felt that to follow your truth in what is fair, just and moral and effective, will give you the ability to have a way with horses. But the jury is out in how to approach what is fair just and moral. One thing I do know is that we have a long way to go to create a better environment for horses and our treatment of them. We can bring them more well being and raise the bar of what is occurring world wide. In my observations of herds in the wild I discovered daily bonding rituals horses used to raise their young and keep the order of the herd and how horses court each other to develop deep friendships and mating partners. I discovered the rituals were a formula in how to develop a harmonious relationship with just about anything in life.

I want to suggest a formula for growing humane values for horses and humans:

  • As a habit enjoy being with your horse for the sake of sharing companionship with your horse. Practicing this habit out any other distractions will bring well-being to you both and give positive insights and change regarding the care, custody and control of horses.
  • Spend time being with your horse sharing territory without agenda. In the moments you enjoy being with your horse without an agenda you will gain an understanding in how to handle the things in our life that challenge you.
  • Speak to others about how just being with your horse helps you in your daily life. From the companionship with your horse, you will gain clarity for everything in our life.
  • Take the position that relationship is more important than performance. Dance your dance when your dance would create good energy around you. Pause and allow when there is resistance. Seek to create change, only when you can act in moments when you have connection with others.
  • Refrain from using tack to control a horse’s resistance, because when you do, the trust, willingness and the magnetic connection is lost in that moment. If I work on keeping the magnetic connection, it causes me to stay way from accidentally abusive training sessions. When you are pursuing conflict and working a horse against his will you are using unnecessary force, you are missing a step. What’s missing is the pause and the return to agreement from that horse, that he wants to be trained and is willing. To assure you are not abusive, give your horse freedom to choose or not to choose your company and training. It is unnatural for a horse not to be able to seek comfort when he chooses. By forcing a horse, it causes him not to trust you and to be more fearful. It’s better to stop what you are doing with a horse, wait for willingness and well-being to set in. Letting him return to a place of comfort and you to regain your leadership. It is better to communicate with your horse in a co-creative process; the Waterhole Rituals provide and allow the freedom of choice.

A word on abuse. If we should not abuse horses, we should not abuse humans who abuse horses. I suggest correcting abusive acts by humans, in the same way you would like the human abuser to handle their horse. This way, you show the abuser through your approach, that there is a way to make change without being abusive. To create more humanity is a multi-tasking adventure of loving evolution and staying away from war of any kind. The more we stay way from laws that reprimand in the name of humanity and factions, the more it will be the nature of community to be inclusive and bonded - working together to help horses get a better deal. Become the student of the way rather the resistance. Change naturally occurs from a shift in consciousness - the great poet Rumi said… “There is a field beyond right and wrong, I will meet you there.” This is where change happens more assuredly.

Enjoy your week