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People are getting excited about the up and coming webzine- Good News For Horses. I want to thank everyone helping me with content and those of you who will be helping me with the content. I promise, it will be here soon!

Blog News There are going to be a few changes as we reorganize with the blog with the upcoming webzine. In the near future, I will be offering the blog once a week on Thursdays. On Thursdays, after you read my blog, it would be great if you would leave me some ideas of what I could write about next- Or ask me a question on horse training, or on natural horse behavior. I will answer several questions, or I might choose your question for the subject of my next blog. If I choose your question, you could win a special prize! Which is an MP 3 file of one of the Insider Circle Class Question and Answer portion of the student conference coaching calls.

If 50 People Leave A Comment… …On my blog and 10 of you ask me a question on the blog in the comments section, I will share a portion of the question and answer session of my Insider Circle Class Conference Call on the following blog.

Visits to my site are on the rise, but comments are dropping, and we need to stay in touch in order to keep me inspired and new ideas flowing on training and communicating with horses. Your comments help me to decide what I will be writing about on my next blog.

The blog is much more enjoyable to everyone when you share your adventure with your horses and with my Method, and your self-realization moments- or any connection with any form of nature. Your contributions keep the blog going. If you like, use the comments section as a weekly entry in your daily experiences, or how your horse has influenced your well being and personal growth, as well as how you have influenced your horse’s well being. Thank you!!

Self Discovery Opportunities – For Horses and Humans Alike It is my intention to support the horse community in where I believe I can most help horses and humans alike to have a better relationship with one another. I see horse communication and the training of horses as an opportunity to achieve a deeper sense of self-discovery, and a deeper awareness of life’s support system.

My Method is meant to help you to develop a kind of empathy that will bring out your natural instincts in how to communicate and train your horse without a need of a method or a coach. My Method offers a freedom to you to experiment using trial and error. You will discover your personal abilities and naturally instincts through this amazing process. Once you have discovered you own approach that works for you, my methods will support you forward in your growth and understanding of the true nature of horses; and how to further educate your horse for any equestrian pursuit you would choose.

I would be overjoyed to share with you my whole program to create a bridleless horse and dressage training from the ground to the saddle that is beneficial to all equestrian pursuits!

My Method shows you how to form a cross-species bond with your horse from the training process. Training can in fact endear a horse to you. Even the limits that you set for him will deepen bond.

Freedom of Choice With my Method, the training process starts without tack in a space big enough for a horse to feel free, and for a person to see how his horse is really feeling. When horses are free, they show less resistance because they know they can control your unwanted leadership. From working at liberty, you can tell much easier when your horse becomes resistant. Then you can choose your approach that will return the connection.

My method starts at liberty and moves onto using tack. From working at liberty, you will find it quite easy to train a horse. As the horse gets to know you better, and starts to become rude- or very polite, we can then begin to set boundaries as a way to shape the horse’s behavior to develop more respect, willingness, and increase his loving nature.

In a short time, a magnetic connection will spring fourth. Through achieving this connection, the horse can work in unity and take direction from you quite naturally. This connection takes no training. You will experience a horse that can follow your lead like a dance partner, which would take years of practice to achieve.

When a horse feels free, and feels a connection, his desire to follow your lead is rather natural. As the horse begins to match your movements and follow your lead, you then start using tack.

Freedom to End the Abuse My Method helps stop all the abusive behavior from humans to horses because of the rules of my Method and the freedom a horse has to escape the handler when he chooses. My Method puts the focus on friendship- first, last, and always. The human learns from my Method how not to let a horse push you around at the same time. When a horse cannot push you around any more, he will naturally want to follow your lead. That is the nature of horses.

Most all problems with horses can be fixed easily if you do not look at the problem and focus on developing the willingness of the horse and four responses: Stop, Go, Leave, and Come at liberty. When a horse will respond to these requests he will most likely have developed a good nature and will let go of resistance. Resistance happens for inappropriate leadership direction.

More on the Insider Circle and Extended Circle! Bonus Footage! This next Insider Circle and Extended Circle Online Classes will offer more new lesson videos. So far, our main players have been Marilyn- a mare that was scared of people, and then a yearling colt, Lucero who had a very aggressive nature, along with a wild Mustang colt that had orphan foal syndrome. It is so important to see how to approach individual horses with the Waterhole Rituals™. I picked these horses for the class to see how differently you will need to communicate with different personalities.

At this time in my life, I am working with rescue horses and I will offer a bonus of a few new videos to the class! In these videos, you will get to see my relationship develop by using the Waterhole Rituals in a very creative way.

Maestro’s Journey Another video I will be adding is a video on my new six years old stallion, Maestro- who has been doing nothing but standing in a paddock for 2 years before I got him. I have had him now for one month. I have saved working with him up to this point so that he would have time to settle into his new digs. I have been Sharing Territory™ with him, and it has been a pleasure to get to know him.

He may have been difficult for some people- as horses can be, but with my Method, he is a dream of a horse like Panadero. I have chosen him for the Insider Circle and Extended Circle courses so you can see all of the Waterhole Rituals done with a new horse, from start to finish winding up with a magical dancing liberty horse at the end of the course!

I have shown you horses that are more of a challenge, but I have not shown you a textbook horse. I believe my new stallion is this middle of the road kind of guy. Maestro will be most valuable to the advanced students, and also for the new students as well. Working with him will keep the focus on the process and how easy it can be when you have an uncomplicated horse.

There are still a few spots open in the Extended Circle Class, whether you are a returning student or new to my Method- please come join us on a journey to the very heart of the horse!

May horse Be With You!