A Report from the Ranch when Nothing is Happening

One can learn through communication with horses the deeper meaning of life, when life is lived without question and drama only exists for you on the big screen.    Photo taken by Teddie ZieglerYou know you are on the right path when the horse follows your leadership easily and naturally.

When leadership  is handled without force in the training of horses, loyalty and an inter-speices bond is born. You feel you are living in the movie "Born Free".

When a person has experienced an inter-species bond and how to train a horse from this perspective, it opens the door to a new world that is yours for the asking, without drama, without resistance, but with support and enthusiasm from others.

A report from the ranch when nothing is happening-  

It is hot here. Hot weather stops my ability to have thoughts. I love what the desert heat brings to nature.  I loose track of time.  Hot weather causes me to walk slowly down the pathway to the barn. Fire Light sticks his head over the fence so I can hand him leaves. I walk the ranch for no reason at all, except to experience the day. I listen for the crickets that I had stocked the garden with, for their musical tone. I am currently getting over a cold.

Here is a video for you to enjoy...


The roses look beautiful and the flowers are enjoying this weather.

Photo taken by Teddie Ziegler

I came back from the barn and went to my patio. The patio has the fresh coolness of the morning still present.  I lay down on the hot concrete to enjoy the sun. I could feel the earth holding me. The heat radiates through my body and the big list of things to do has no importance.

As  Apollo and I are both enjoying are cement bathing, Apollo stares deeply into my eyes. We hold our gaze on each other. It is our ritual. He demands it.   We do this often. He taught me about cement bathing. The chimes at the front door, between the silence and panting Apollo, periodically play a lyric from the summer breeze. The patio is the coolest place on the ranch and I loose track of the day as the evening is arriving.

I look up and see the young crows flying south, as they do every evening. The light on the grass is brightened by the setting sun.  Apollo offers a new game as he runs like a puppy, dancing around me. He likes me to throw things, then runs to them and waits for me to come and pick them up to throw them again.

Photo taken by Teddie Ziegler

As it is darkening, we go into the house.  My mother is sitting quietly in her rocking chair and she still knows she loves me and how much I love her.

So what are your nothing days that fill your life with grace?

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



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