Imagine A Deeper Connection With Your Horse

Can you imagine a connection from a deep bond with your horse, a bond as deep as horses have with each other? Imagine your ability to lead, listen to your horse as well as to set the rules that create order and well being and a desire to dance in a partnership. Share on my blog if you will about a horse that you own or have known or herd about, read about or have see or imagine that fills your spirit as a true dance partner and then describe him, or make one up. When I was a child we would play games with our friends by describing the greatest horse we could imagine and then we would become that horse and run around town in a large herd acting out your roles and supporting each other and fighting imaginary predators. With the Insider Circle group put some music on and dance with your imaginary horse at liberty with music to increase the timing of your body language and to let go of the adult mind and get in touch with your core energy. I practice this all the time.

  • What do you want in a relationship with a horse under saddle and why would a horse want you and how could you tell if your horse wanted to be ridden.
  • In my book I speak of Moonlight’s taking me for a ride and I describe the feeling not as well as I would have liked because words are hard to describe such feeling of trust and connection. If you ridden a dressage horse that was magical share it with us.
  • Make a list of the horses you have ridden that felt like magic and describe the feeling. Just write their names on the blog if nothing else as a remembrance and thank you. Or take time and choose something to write about on the list above.

Insider Circle Journey write on one of these ideas or all of them and surprise yourself form you automatic writing. Get your pens going when you do not know what you will say and be surprised at what you will write. You will learn about what is inside of you that you did not know was there. I do it all the time. This lesson will help you to let go of your agenda with the Waterhole Rituals. I want you to sit with your horses until you do not care to move on to the next ritual and feel you would enjoy this experience with horses enough to be completely satisfied. We are not going to stay there but at least experience it for the next week. How can you have a deep bond if you do make the commitment to be with your horse in his world? Maybe at first it is not fun and maybe even painful but in time, a light of joy will be ignited and it is well worth the effort to let go and be present like a horse is.

My parents worked when I was too young to ride alone I would sit with them as well to intermingle with them most of the day waiting for the weekend. I would also walk around the herd and in with the herd not to disturb them and to be apart of them and behave like a horse and share space with horses like they did and kept my relationship with them harmoniously. I learned to love this time as much as when I rode. My ability to know horses, to lead horses, to train horse and to bond and connect with horses came from these times.

Don’t take this part lightly. Really, get lost in your own discoveries, make up your own way, and remember you are the one that keeps yourself safe.