A Career in Horse Training through the Carolyn Resnick Academy

The energy of this YouTube is the energy I have planned for the Academy... [youtube]Z2DPh9zvSb4[/youtube]

The Academy is coming right along.

Teddie and BraviosoSoon we will be offering our first certification program in the Waterhole Rituals. The Carolyn Resnick Academy is a school that prepares and certifies student trainers to be able to teach my Method. I have appointed Teddie Ziegler the Director of the Academy working with myself and Linda Salinas. Teddie has practical knowledgeable and details of my Method using the Waterhole Rituals and how I want my method to be taught and represented to the public. She will also soon have knowledge of starting a horse to a finished bitless dressage horse in the training of Teddie's project horse, Oso.

There are Four Certification Programs:

  1. Certification in “Sharing Territory” which includes everything needed for the understanding and practice of all the exercises in the first Waterhole Ritual in the Carolyn Resnick Method.
  2. Certification in “The 5 Heart-Felt Strings of Connection” which includes everything needed for the understanding and practice of the first six Waterhole Rituals in the Carolyn Resnick Method.  The 5 heart felt strings of connection are what are used to create the dance at Liberty.
  3. Certification in “Liberty Dancing” which includes everything needed for the understanding and practice of all of the seven Waterhole Rituals in the Carolyn Resnick Method through the process of developing an exhibition horse at Liberty.
  4. Certification as a “Centaur Trainer” which includes everything above plus the ability to train a horse for bit-less dressage.  This Certification allows this person to teach everything related to The Carolyn Resnick Method through the Academy.

Each certification program takes a year and you need to have the first certification before going onto the next, in order. After the first year trainers will be giving clinics that are managed through the Academy.

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Our new project here at the ranch is focused on training Oso, Firelight, Apollo and Teddie, for the purpose of making videos of my method, from starting a horse to finishing a second level, bit-less, dressage horse.

These videos will give me an ability to pass on my Method to Teddie through the training and showing of Oso in Western Dressage, bit-less.  These videos will also help people learn and understand how I use the Waterhole Rituals in the evolution of the horse using my Method.

The Waterhole Rituals taught through the Academy is an organic experience where the method is flexible to match the trainer’s growth and the horse’s nature. It takes a proper guide, a coach from the Academy, to direct the trainer in the same way it is done in the training of a dressage horse where you have horse, rider, and coach. When the horse will participate enthusiastically in the training process the training is magical for both the horse and the trainer like in the Spanish Riding School.

FireLight and CarolynThe first step of my method is to develop a horse to have an even disposition and feel a natural bond that is not forced in a confined area through driving aids until a bond is formed.  The bond is created through Sharing Territory.

At this time the Academy is focused on growing the trainer’s understanding of leadership and communication by examining how the horse triggers the trainer’s emotions and leadership behavior towards the horse.   Coming from the right place by taking the right philosophical viewpoint is so important in the training of horses.

Sharing Territory brings a deep understanding of the nature and character of the horse that the trainer is working with. The curriculum of the school is to open the hearts of both horse and trainer to connect in friendship, trust, and respect.  From an open heart, dance partners are born. The experience of the trained dance develops a bond that is deeper with a horse than with any human relationship because the connection shared with the horse is an expression of grace. In the process the Academy guides the trainer to find his or her true self to dance with the free spirit of the horse. From the program the trainer learns of a leadership that is in rhythm with real time of existence. This root of real time is found in timelessness, a place where a magical dance is experienced.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn