3 Things I am Focusing on when I am Coaching in my Online Program

Photo by Teddie Ziegler Three things I am focused on when I am coaching people in my online course.

I have always felt that it is my love of nature that causes me to know how to approach the training of a horse so that it is a magical dance between me and my horse. When I was spending most of my days in nature with horses by myself when I was growing up, I would wonder why more people were not as amazed and fascinated with the workings of nature as I was. The everyday experience of being in nature kept me whole and excited about life. Even other children seemed not to have the capacity to be quite as amazed as I was.

Luckily I had a family that was just like me when it came to the love of nature and we shared it together. This watching of nature caused me to naturally match the existing rhythm of a horse at the moment I would communicate with him. It caused a horse to trust in my influence and be drawn to my leadership.

From the well being I received being with horses, it gave me a natural ability to fit in with the horse I was communicating with. This ability to match the energy movements of a horse in the training process is the first thing that I pass on to my students. I then focus on developing a person’s ability to train horses through their growth in self-realization.

Jayne and Fire Light

When a person finds their true nature they gain back an ability to learn easily like children from a beginner’s mind, a mind that learns like a sponge. Being connected to your true nature one has more ability to understand what is fair to the horse and how to go about the evolution of his training.

Of course the most obvious thing to learn working with horses is how to communicate with a horse from their own perspective. This skill is what makes the training of the horse come naturally.

So these three things I have listed below are what I help people to obtain from the Frist Ritual and the first time taking my online course.

  1. To obtain self-realization so one can give a horse your full focus. Self-realization is being in the moment and coming from your true self. This creates a heighten state of awareness. This state will help you to make all the right decisions in how you want to address the training of your horse. It is so magical for a student to see that they are not to mimic me but instead approach the training of the horse from their own way and own philosophy using my method.
  2. To obtain the skill for matching a horse’s movement and working with a horse in a predictable rhythm that causes a horse to naturally follow your lead. It is one of the most powerful keys I can offer to my students. The student learns that horses understand body language when you have the ability to get their full attention and when you know how to match the energy flow of the horse. Horses are naturally body language readers.
  3. To obtain a language that comes from the interactions that occur during Sharing Territory with the horse. Language building time with your horse is the secret to it all. When a language is built between you and your horse through natural interactions you share with your horse at Liberty, it creates a dependable connection and performance. I refer to it as a working bond from knowing how to work together “as one”.

Ginny, Jayne and Apollo

Evolving your understanding of horses through Sharing Territory and communicating with horses interactively in the most natural way brings about a leadership that has a magnetic quality where the student is soon able to train effortless, easily, and naturally.

When you reach this point do not quit being a student of the horse or my program. It is important for you to keep reaching for a more interconnected dance with your horse for there is a greater knowledge to be learned. Knowing this will keep you young and keep drawing horses to you like magic. The other aspect is that what you have learned needs continued practice to evolve your understanding of horses.

With communication and training you are either getting better or worse because it is a relationship. Relationship means a proactive commitment. Staying in the same place, not growing, you will loose it and you will become stale and the magic then is lost.

In half of my life I had a teacher besides my horse. Having a teacher kept me moving forward. Without a teacher we slowed down on pushing ahead. It is sad to see how many people want to teach others with little knowledge under their belt where they are not really good themselves in what they teach. They are just following a blue print and when this happens I watch the person stop their own evolution to be able to teach.

Ginny and Honey

I have so much more that I want to help people with in the training of horses before I am too old to pass on what I know. (I plan on teaching as long as I can.) I want more students to reach for more information in how to create the highest form of Liberty dancing with their horses.

My method is not like any other method so therefore; you need my direct guidance if you are an advanced student. And this is what my annual group clinics are all about, moving you and your horse forward. What makes my method different than others is that I train a horse first to be reliable at liberty then I introduce tack when tack is only used as a message system, when the horse completely understands that the tack can not and will not force him to do anything against his will.

Discovering that we do not need force a person learns to communicate with others with the same kind of freedom that you give to the horse. From this you discover a “new” world. From the work you do with horses for the purpose of self-realization through the training at Liberty one becomes truly altruistic in the act of leading which renders the use of force no longer necessary.

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We have opened registration for our Annual Winter Group Clinic here at my Ranch in California in November and December. This is where I can personally keep you and your horse moving forward in my Method and give you individualized attention.

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Have a great weekend! Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn