Telepathic Communication Between Me And My Horse

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Sharing Territory develops a spiritual connection to the very heart of a horse. 

From all of the years that I have Shared Territory with horses my spirit has always been lifted when I am in their company. My longing for a horse to feel this same spiritual connection with me is what led me to want to spend time just “being" with horses.

Strawberry was my first horse. I spent all of my days in his company just waiting for him to connect with me. I wanted him to have the same feelings for me that I had for him.

Strawberry came into my life when I was three years old. He was an old, retired plow horse and I loved him! I Shared Territory with him every day for hours. On the weekends my parents went riding and when they had time they would take me with them and I would ride Strawberry. 

I remember one time I fell from the saddle while Strawberry was cantering  across an empty lot. A horse fly bit him and he began bucking. Unfortunately, I was thrown and because my foot got stuck in the stirrup I was left hanging upside down. When that happened Strawberry stopped bucking and stood stock still. My parents wanted to run up and help me, but they were afraid to approach him for fear he would take off again. I remember that moment in detail like it was yesterday. I was around six at the time, and old enough to know that my horse could spook easily with me hanging from his side and that the precarious position I was in was very dangerous. At that same moment I felt an even deeper connection with Strawberry, which gave me the ability to communicate with him. I guess you would call this telepathy. Strawberry said to me “Carolyn I will stand here until you get out of danger, don’t worry."  It took me some time but I managed to right myself while my parents and some of their friends stood back watching in fear. From that day on Strawberry and I felt even closer. When the chips were down he had come through for me. I had always felt that our connection was deep, but after that experience I was now convinced. Sharing Territory developed a spiritual connection to bloom between us that had no explanation.  

On the day that I got bucked off my horse instead of being faced with a serious injury our spiritual connection turned Strawberry into a hero in my eyes. Today I know that the power of connection comes with a language that I can share with horses. When empathy and a bond is shared between two beings telepathy is natural. Sharing territory with horses is an important practice for many reasons;  it increases mental health,  it develops personal growth and it encourages telepathic communication.  Having a connection in harmony with horses is the foundation for any and all equestrian pursuits, from the ground to the saddle. It also has other important health benefits, to both horses and humans, that cannot be denied. 

Some people are more successful than others in finding that magical connection by just being in the company of horses, so I developed a program called 21 Days to Connection With Your Horse,  The Chair Challenge, as a guide so that everyone can have this deep bond with their horse. This program offers 21 guided meditation practices and exercises, as well as video and written lessons to help you develop a bond, trust and respect so that your horse will naturally follow your lead! The Chair Challenge is designed to  bring out your ability to truly connect, soul to soul,  with a horse,  like I had experienced with my own horse, Strawberry. From learning how to connect, bond and communicate with horses, it is my hope that The Chair Challenge will encourage  people to develop a soul to soul connection with all living things. If you are interested in my program this is how to get started.

May the spirit of the bond be with you!



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