Horses As Healers And Teachers, What Dreams Are Made Of


I had a dream last night. It was the kind of dream that is more real than life itself. The details in the dream were more in depth than being awake.  It touched me in a way that I felt that if I shared it with you it would lift you up to the heighten state of joy and empowerment that I am feeling right now. 

This dream came to me after a visit to a ranch in Southern California where I met an extraordinary Stallion. I went to this ranch to view the facility, as the owner wanted to host a public clinic on My Waterhole Rituals© method of Liberty Training™.  At this ranch I met an extraordinary Stallion. He was a large horse with an even bigger presence. It was a kind of presence that inferred that he held a library of knowledge that he wanted to share with the world. He is black with a long mane and tail and a nose softer than anything I have ever felt before. 

I communicated with him for no more than 15 minutes and I didn’t plan the moment. I found myself communicating with him energetically in a silent language that we shared together. He is the kind of horse I am naturally drawn to, but there was something even more special about him. I believe he is going to become an ambassador for bringing more support to care, custody and control for the well being of all horses, nature and other animals. I believe I found a healing horse. I feel that he has the potential to bring positive change to everyone he meets who would be open to listening to him as I did yesterday.  I feel healed from his presence. Upon meeting him, I believe you would too! I have not had a horse move me as much as this horse since Panadero and wouldn’t you know that he is another Spanish Stallion of bull fighting lines, just like Panadero!

What draws me to a horse is not only it’s appearance. Surely, I am always moved by a magnificent presence and conformation, but mostly it is “who the horse is energetically” and how a horse changes me inside that can dance me to the best part of myself like he did yesterday.  It is about the connection we share in a glance.  With him, I found the best part of myself from the silent communication I had with him, not from mind to mind, but from a personal heart to heart connection, reading the energy he emitted without effort from just being alive. 

That night I had a dream about this horse. In my dream, I was embarking on an amazing journey and getting to know this Stallion that touched my soul so deeply. I found myself in my indoor arena with walls of art.  Every twenty feet or so, above my head, was a collage of horses, in a medallion grouping, in free dancing expressions. I entered the arena and directed the horses on the walls like I would with a live horse. I was dancing with paintings on the walls as I worked my way around the huge arena knowing that my Stallion was somewhere in it. I felt he would be standing next to the last medallion and he would be ready to join me from my invitation to dance.  As I was working my way around the arena I began looking for him. I spotted him in the far end, on the back side,  watching me. As I approached him I asked him to come to me with just a body gesture that anyone would read as a request to join me. He did, by charging up and meeting me half way. I had to trust that he would stop and he did. He came up very close with only a slight rear from a sliding stop making room for me with grace and ease,  like in a Disney movie.  He looked down upon me with an arched neck held in suspension waiting for our next move together. At that moment I woke up and realized that he was not really here on my ranch, but I still felt his presence as if he was. I later learned from his owner that his approach moving toward me, as I saw in my dream, is the daily ritual they share together in Liberty dancing.  I feel something brewing from this and I know that our journeys will come together as one in some way.  

Horses are making changes in the world in big ways and I am so happy to be here to see that we are beginning to listen to what horses have to share with us about ourselves. They are here to help  heal our bodies and awaken us to who we really are. I choose to believe that horses are care takers of our free spirit and if we reach out to them the healing begins.  They are here to bring us back home to our true nature and to elevate our sense of kinship to all animals. 

Since waking from this dream I can feel a shift in destiny that is about to take me on a new journey to help horses and humans, one dream at a time. His nick name to me now is Dreamer.

I would love to hear your own personal story of how a horse has impacted you and your families’ wellbeing and healing. You sharing your story will bring more light and wellbeing to all horses. I believe your connection with horses will make a difference and we need to continue to spread the awareness of the value horses play in our lives as healers and partners. 

If you are one of the first three people to share your story in the comments section, under this blog on my website, you can win a free spot in my program, 21 Days to Connection with Your Horse/The Chair Challenge. This program is an online course that consists of guided meditations, video lessons and helpful information to bring you an energetic connection with your horse. The video exercises will help you to connect more deeply to your horse as an individual. To qualify your story must be one paragraph or longer.

May the spirit of the bond be with you!

Carolyn Resnick

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